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Fingerprint Scanners

  • Live Fingerprint Scanner


    The LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner with integrated Spoof and Liveness Detection against fake fingerprints and cut-off fingers. Dedicated special light sources and optical technology for Liveness Detection ensure the...
  • Live Fingerprint Scanner


    ZF1 Fingerscanner 1
    The DERMALOG ZF1 is a success story in regard to an optical plain fingerprint scanner. Since the first launch in the year 2007 the ZF1 started his career in Germany with the e-Passport Project and later the e-ID Project. More than 20.000 units are...
  • Live Fingerprint Scanner


    ZF2 Fingerprintscanner 1
    The DERMALOG ZF2 – a remarkably compact optical fingerprint scanner – provides state-of-the-art quality in fingerprint technology. It fulfills all quality requirements by the FBI, ANSI-NIST, MINEX, ILO and numerous other standards for plain and...
  • Fingerprint Scanner combined with Smart Card Reader

    DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader

    The DERMALOG ZF1 + Smart Card Reader extend the outstanding qualities of the DERMALOG ZF1 fingerprint scanner by an integrated smart card reader. So it is the ideal solution for authentication systems based on smart cards. The DERMALOG ZF1...
  • Live Fingerprint Scanner


    F1 Fingerprintscanner 1
    The DERMALOG F1 is the smallest optical plain fingerprint scanner that fulfills various requirements for plain fingerprint quality. The F1 - your perfect choice if you capture fingerprints for e-Passports, ID cards or other applications due to...
  • Biometric Login for Large-Scale IT Systems:

    DERMALOG FingerLogin

    With the FingerLogin, DERMALOG presents the first professional biometric login for large IT systems of companies, banks, hospitals and governments/authorities. The DERMALOG FingerLogin Keyboard with integrated fingerprint scanner ensures maximum...
  • Easy-To-Use Fingerprint Gate

    DERMALOG Biometric Gate

    As an extension of the DERMALOG eBorder Kiosk, DERMALOG Biometric- Gate offers an even easier -to -use application: It very effectively prevents border crossers from being delayed and captures their fingers quickly and securely almost while the...
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