Paying by Fingerprint

DERMALOG Finger Payment

Payment with just a fingerprint is no longer a problem if you use DERMALOG's finger payment system.

This secure and trendsetting process is not only extremely convenient for customers – once they have been registered, they no longer need to bring their purse for a spontaneous purchase –, but it also increases efficiency for the retailer as it reduces the average payment process time from fifty seconds to two.

DERMALOG Finger Payment also significantly increases security for both retailer and customer as payment cards and bank notes become dispensable and the whole payment process is handled through the customer’s fingerprint.

No passwords or pincodes are required.

Since the fingerprint is not saved permanently as an actual image, but as an encoded template generated from the acquired image, privacy rights are not infringed and there is no possibility for third parties to steal fingerprint images. No other institution can access the saved data and use it for conducting comparisons.

The Fingerpayment process is carried out through high-tech point-of-sales terminals which ususally work as a great attraction for customers, creating new curtomer retention and therefore represent a great marketing benefit.

Thanks to increasing efficiency and a growing customer base DERMALOG Finger Payment on average amortizes within just six months after implementation.
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DERMALOG Finger Payment

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