Access and Login Management

The DERMALOG FingerLogin Suite provides an easy and secure way of logging into  a variety of systems just with your fingerprint. Often passwords created by users provide rather low protection and are easy to crack or in many cases can even be found written down in a note next to the computer. Contrary to a password a fingerprint is unique and therefore provides high protection.

The DERMALOG fingerprint scanners all support liveness detection in order to ensure the users’ authenticity. Our product range currently includes simple singleprint scanners, twoprint scanners, fourprint scanners and an implemented solution in a common keyboard.

The DERMALOG FingerLogin consists of two basic components: the scanner and a software package, consisting of the DERMALOG Biometric Middleware, the DERMALOG AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system), the DERMALOG ShareServer and much more.

DERMALOG Middleware features SDKs for .NET, C++ and Java and can easily be implemented in an established system.

The applications for DERMALOG FingerLogin range from simple login to your personal computer (e.g. Windows Credential Provider)over access control for installations to custom solutions (e.g. enterprise software).

The intuitive hard- and software-package is available for multiple systems and languages.
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Access and Login Management

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